Our Services

Capturing Theory of Change


We are trainers

We provide training workshops at three levels.

Level 1: The workshops are designed to help participants acquire the knowledge of theory of change, social impact and Logic Model. 

Level 2: The workshops are designed to help participants learn social research methods and acquire the skills of impact measurement. 

Level 3: The workshops are designed to help participants gain the competencies of impact management, which are integral to project planning, execution and scaling.

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We are evaluators

We provide analytics on ESG Social KPIs, and the social impact of your programmes or portfolios. The evaluation can provide you with evidence and insights on the impact that you're creating.


There are two ways to engage us:

1. When you are planning a programme or constructing an impact portfolio,  engage us to identify impact metrics and develop your theory of change.


2. ​After the completion of a programme. We will help you capture the impact with ex-post research methods.​


We uphold the principles and standards of ​Social Value International.

Impact Management

We are stewards

We provide one-stop bespoke impact management services for you.


There are two ways to engage us:

1. At the programme level: we will be there with you from the start to map stakeholders, clarify pain points and identify programme outcome indicators. We will also help you make impact assessment plans, and conduct impact evaluation and manage impact risk. 

2. At the organization level: we will provide an one-stop capacity building package including training your staff and help you set up an impact management system.


We uphold the standards set by the Impact Management Project.

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Impact Communication

We are your campaigners

How do you want to tell your impact stories?


Effective communication of the work that you are doing and the change you are making not only helps you attract partners and resources, but also inspires like-minded change-agents to replicate your solution at other places of the world.


We can create a bigger impact through our impact stories. Our experts are ready to help you make strategic plans for impact communication.